Risk Management Solutions


Legal Demand Letter & Litigation Services

This product is especially effective for companies with small value accounts but in big volume. Basically, it is a series of up to 2 or 3 customized demand letter send at various intervals to chase defaulters for outstanding bills. We have seen many companies with such low to medium value debts collected within days with minimum investment ascompared to other way of collection methods such as small claims court, etc. Our panel of lawyers are also there to provide you with a preferential rate in the event if you want to institute legal action.

Customized Credit & Receivables In house Training & Public Seminar

Our various standard or customizable training programs makes it easier than ever to empower collectors with the communication and collection skills they need to be more successful in telephone collections. It is aimed at debt collectors, bill collectors, collection agencies, and anyone who is looking to increase profit by improving debt recovery. Whether it’s initial training for new collectors or refresher training for experienced people, it teaches proven telephone collection skills that generate results!

Global Credit / Business Information Report Services

In order to compete successfully and achieve profitability targets in increasingly complex markets, it is vital to be able to rely on complete, up-to-date business information, and assessment tools to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

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